Madame Butterfly Ladies Night

lnbd_patrick 07 September 2016 Ladies Night

Madame Butterfly Ladies Night at China Grill Dubai

Madame Butterfly Ladies Night at China Grill Westin DubaiA few days a ago we spotted a review of the Madame Butterfly Ladies Night in the China Grill on the site of our partner blogger We at Ladies Night and Brunches are always interested in reviews about one of the many Ladies Nights in town. You can see part of her blog here. If you want to read the full blog just click on the link below. On her website you will find more reviews of Ladies Nights and also about Brunches.

Ooooo, I’m probably going to step on a few toes for this but I’ll write this anyways. Times like this I wish there were more blogs on ladies nights so we could’ve avoided last night.

So, we were planning to meet up for a ladies night and I got quite frustrated trying to find a venue that had drinks as well as discount on food. Lots of playing around on an app that kept crashing, resorting to browsing through an online guide (Ladies Night and Brunches), then twitter. At the last minute I decided to propose a place I have been to ladies nights twice before (as well as for brunch)  and was close to home.

Here’s a few tips to everyone out there who’s planning to go to China Grill for their ladies nights on a Tuesday – which does an admittedly pretty cool deal of free-flow drinks and 50% off a special ala carte menu:
a) If you want a table in the restaurant area, make sure …. ” (Read the whole blog on:

Click here for all details about this Ladies Night

Please share your experiences with the Madame Butterfly Ladies Night.

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