Ladies Night Dubai MondayLadies Night Dubai Monday

On this list you will find all Ladies Night Dubai Monday evening. You can select the area to refine your search. Or even a timing. In addition if you want to search for Ladies Nights on a different night just select another day in the field on the left.Did you try the Ladies Night at Mint Leaf already?Ladies Nights are a real phenomenon in Dubai. We have more than 200 Ladies Nights listed on our website. The concept is that Ladies enjoy free drinks and or discounted food prices. Of course this will mean that that evening the bar will be full with ladies who are availing the offers. As a result you can expect a big number of guys at the bars offering ladies night. The main Ladies Night is Tuesday, followed by Wednesday and Monday. Some bars offers ladies unlimited free drinks, others will offer  just two drinks or a discount of as much as 50% on drinks and food.

Ladies Night Dubai Monday

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