Ladies night at Gursha, joy of gathering around a shared meal!

Patrick van Ahee 15 April 2017 Ladies Night

 Ladies night at Gursha, Joy of gathering around a shared meal!

Akanksha visited the ladies night at Gursha. Read her review here:

“Gursha” means, feeding someone a bite in Ethiopian tradition. It’s seen as a very respectable or loving act. Traditionally, people in Ethiopia prefer eating food with friends and family and it’s mandatory for them to share, it’s a communal platter. Ethiopian food is one of the most exciting cuisines in the world.
Coming back to ladiesnight, which happens every TUESDAY “GURSHA “ offers pretty girls unlimited red and white wines with their signature rum based cocktail. For food a flat 50% discount on the ala carte menu.
Gursha’s interior design is conceptualized by an architect, who is part of the team that designed interiors of the luxury collection Sheraton Addis in Ethiopia. Key elements from Ethiopian history have been rightly placed to create a chic and warm vibe.
The décor includes colorful accessories, art and paintings depicting Ethiopian culture.  Like I always believe a good interior design can do as much for a cafe, restaurant or bar as good food and drinks can.

Talking of food, some of the dishes that we tried were pretty fascinating, for instance THE TASTE OF ETHIOPIA PLATTER- combination of Fossolia, Gursha Tibs, Siga Alecha, Shiro and Kitfo with Injera (traditional sourdough bread), Qategna – toasted injera lightly brushed with Ethiopian butter and spiced paste, served with herbed yogurt and Buticha (a dish very similar to Brazilian farofa) prepared using chickpea powder. 

They have amazing veg options for all vegan ladies in town.  Give their veggie platters a try! Desert was chocolate brownie, nothing to go wrong there.

This time it was more food than drinks. If  Tuesday ladies night, is not the day you choose:
 They have Ethiopian Happy Hour that includes select beverages, AED 25 every Sunday – Thursday from 2pm to 7pm
 Afronights every Thursday from 6pm to 1am
Ladies give Gursha a visit to try a new cuisine.You won’t regret the experience.  

Venue: Gursha at Club Vista Mare
Timing: Monday 20:00 – 24:00
Dress Code: Smart Casual
Deal: unlimited drinks for ladies and 50% discount on Food Menu

You can find more details of the ladies night at Gursha on the Ladies Night and Brunches Website and on the website of Gursha.

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