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lnbd_patrick 11 October 2015 General

Having a long weekend? Wanting to stay up all night on a Thursday or Friday night is something that most of us want to do to unwind from a hard week’s work. But come Friday or Saturday morning though, who would want to wake up early to cook and eat breakfast, no one. It’s something we deserve to have just to wake up late on a Friday or Saturday Morning so why not take a well-deserved Brunch in virtually anywhere in Dubai.

Ladies Night and Brunches Dubai can give you the right information on the right places that you should go to on Fridays Brunch Dubai and Saturdays Brunch Dubai for different cuisines that would suit your taste when you want to enjoy your day off with delicious and delectable meals. We have an up-to-date list of over 175 brunches in the Dubai area, from JBR to Atlantis, From Palm Jumeirah to the Greens. You name it, we have it! And we keep you posted daily on where you can get great deals.

If you are thinking of getting free drinks, buffets, authentic Asian, European or American brunches, free access to pools, bars and amenities, and maybe even 2 for 1 offers from the famous cafés and restaurants here in Dubai then you can look no further for that up-to-date information than here in Ladies Night and Brunches Dubai.

Everyone has their own tastes; they may want Japanese, English or an American Brunch. In this luxurious city of Dubai where almost everything can be found, all you need is the right tool to be able to live it right and enjoy your experience in this beautiful and great country. Sign up now for Ladies Night and Brunches Dubai and get your all access pass to the information of the best Brunch that Dubai has to offer.

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