Brasilia Brunch at Spirito

lnbd_patrick 26 September 2016 Friday Brunch

Brasilia Brunch at Spirito

Ladies Night Angel Akanksha visited the Brasilia Brunch at Spirito. Read her review here:

With low carb diet and a rigorous gym routine I was forcing myself to get through the week, and finally Friday came along and I had to call it my “CHEAT DAY”!!!! Though the guilt to let myself gloat on calories kept crossing my mind but, the person in me never misses a chance to make most of my weekends. So my hunt for a portion controlled brunch started. Something like a set menu than a typical buffet styled Brunch.

Brasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelBrasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelBrasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelSo here’s to another weekend hook-up with Brazilian food- The BRASILIA BRUNCH at  SPIRITO
You walk into this place and it takes you by surprise!!! The place has a unique friendly atmosphere; it’s Décor creates a cozy comfortable style as huge glittery chandeliers hang down to seating level. Very unusual………………

Brasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelIt’s a sharing platter for starters and I loved the idea of sharing. Bite size CHOICES: – Hamburgers de Vatapa com frango (chicken sliders with tomato & cashew nut sauce, cucumber and dill salad, chicken croquettes and Shrimp Ceviche, which made it to the top of my list.


Brasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelNext up STEAK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that’s what I ordered for my main course. So steak fans, this one is for you.
If something this tasty is being offered with a price deal like this, then sure as hell you want to be there.
Masterfully, cooked with just enough salt on the top, it’s a big thumbs- up from me to the chef. Yes, dear you rock.


Spirito has thoughtfully put together a 3 course set menu offering a descent selection of main courses and desserts to choose from- (if you’re in a large group, you could order different things and try a bit of each)

ItBrasilia Brunch Spirito Media One Hotel’s not often you come across new dishes or a different cooking style these days. So, when you find something unusual, it’s a pretty exciting discovery.
We took an unlimited alcoholic drink package Brunch, so my friend tried the Brazilian Beer and I was treated to a bubbly.


My company ordered Feijoada- (Black Beans & Mix Meat Stew) He loved every drop of this stew.
So, needless to say more.

Brasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelBrasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelAt this point we were pleasantly full, and slightly tipsy due to a drink on empty stomach. It’s hot so the drinks were quickly gulped. The server comes around, asking us on our next order for desserts- Guilty Pleasure :-). My eyes light up with the mention of dessert, I happily chose Crème De Chocolate com Ananas (Pineapple chocolate Crème) Pineapple crème, Ummm, yummy to the tummy!!!!! The crème had a very unique taste, a bit sour and fruity but very refreshing. It was paired well with the chocolate mousse, which had small pieces of pineapple in it. So overall the combined taste left me delightfully full and satisfied.

Brasilia Brunch Spirito Media One HotelThis place is a BRUNCH SECRET, as it’s buy one get one free!!!!!!
Good service, well-crafted food, cozy atmosphere, music with a mix of Afro Cuban jazz, hip hop and some old hit numbers from 80’s, a bit loud but great if you are a big group and would like to show your salsa moves. A recommended place to try out Brazilian Kitchen Brunch. The Brunch might be a little too less for big eaters, unless drinking is on your agenda.

Venue – Level 9, Media One Hotel
Brunch timing: Fridays- 1:00 PM-5:00 PM
Dress Code- Casual (slippers are allowed)
Cost- Brasilia Brunch AED 399 (buy 1 get 1 complimentary)

Full details on the Brasilia Brunch at Spirito on the Ladies Night and Brunches Website and on the website of Spirito.


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